PhillipsFilms Ltd. is the production company of Cohen Phillips, independent filmmaker for 17 years. Here is where you'll find insight into some of the film projects going on right now. Go here to see some of our films we make...

Swindling Charade is online!!!


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My new silent film comedy shot on REAL Film is now online!! You can find the movie here. If you care to leave a comment or rate the movie please do it here or there at!
Quick summary of the movie...
A NEW silent film comedy in the style of those classic silent films of yesteryear. Shot on REAL FILM, this film takes place in 1920s as we find Arthur(Cohen Phillips) trying to meet up with the girl of his dreams Vera.(Brooke Willhite) But along the way the Keystone Kid(Michael Reiser)gets in the way and things go awry."
Hope you all enjoy. :)

Pre-Production Chronicle II


Here is our 2nd Pre-Production Chronicle that was shot durning rehearsals today. A few of the cast members had to leave early so we didn't get to interview everyone, but rest assured that we'll get interviews out of everyone soon enough! Enjoy!

Pre-Production Chronicle I


Here is our first pre-production chronicle for "Love in the Dead of Winter," Anthony Myers new movie that he wrote and will be directing. The topic of this first chronicle is location scouting. Have fun watching it! Rehearsals for the film are set for this Saturday. Stay tuned!

Back in Action!


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That's right folks, you heard it first right here! Anthony Myers and Cohen Phillips will be working together again. But this time with a bit of a twist. For many films Cohen has direct Anthony, but now that's about to change. Anthony will get his big chance to make his first "major" project, yes he's very own. He thought up the story, wrote the script and will direct. Cohen Phillips on the other hand will produce and have a bit part in the movie. The movie is a drama/thriller. A production meeting went on tonight at the PhillipsFilms headquarters and a lot of things got done. All the sets/locations were set and cast was finalized."The cast is a mix of new and old faces, which will all be contacted this week..." says Cohen. Now as Producer Cohen has to go and make it all happen. This week they'll be more actives done on the film which will start shooting on or around Dec 17th. The title will be reveled soon as well.

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Next weekend the first rehearsal will happen.

We'll hopefully have video/pics from this event!
Stay tuned!

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