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RTTW Memories Part III -Aug 15th 2002


5 years ago today we were out at night shooting woods scenes of Laura Bilecki getting attacked by veins and pulled through the woods. I remember it was pretty nice out that night not to humid. Laura was the only one in the scene so Steven,
Anthony and myself stayed behind the camera. Laura was a real trooper and got right out there and did everything. No complaining. I haven't worked with any actresses like her that would let us tie veins around her and let us drag her through the woods.
Anthony's dad came and gave us power with the generator that night as I didn't have a power inverter at the time.
So now with Laura's attack all finished up(we had to do some re-shoots later on but more on that when the date comes around) we were almost complete with the outside shooting. We still hadn't found an interior set for the cabin. But we would find one soon enough and it would prove a great place for the rest of our film shoot. Till n(axe)t time...

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RTTW Memories Part II-Aug 12 2002


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket On this date in 2002 we were shooting the first of the basement shots for Return to the Woods. The basement wasn't apart of the cabin set interior we used. The basement is the one we have under our own house. In the 5 years that have passed from shooting this it could still be used as nothing much has changed down there. Well maybe a few more cobwebs.
The scenes only involed myself, Cohen Phillips(playing the charcter of James) Anthony Myers(Derick) and Charla Phillips(Geri). Laura Bilecki came and helped behind the scenes for this scene as well serving as script girl. Here is the group below from that night of filming.
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The shooting went fairly smoothly from what I can remember. The basement isn't a full basement it's dug out. So getting down there can be tricky. I know Anthony bumped his head once on a pipe. It was so good and he thought it would be funny that we did a take with him hitting his head. This didn't make it into the final cut but with the re-edit coming soon I think I'm going to put it back in. In this scene also we find the Book of the Dead and famous tape player with the translations sayings on it that awake the dead. We had a few hints and nods to the Evil Dead series and creators in this scene. Some of the takes with alterative lines will be used in the re-edit of the film that will be coming soon and that will be up on the net.

I've had some people email me asking me if Return to the Woods is on the net and it is. Just go here to view the film online. Below are a few more photos from that night's worth of filming.

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Anthony Myers as Derick in Return to the Woods

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Cohen Phillips as James in Return to the Woods

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Ehhhh...a cobweb disrupts are filming!

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A nutty cast indeed!

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Return to the Woods Memories Part I-Aug 7th 2002


(The first cast photo from Aug 7th 2002.)

August 8th 2002 we were out
shooting Return to the Woods! We didn't have any interior cabin set at the time so we shot all the outside woods scenes first. I remember it was a pretty hot day out. And from filming on the 1st day(Aug 7th 2002) and this day I knew we had a great cast together and it was going to be a lot of fun shooting this. On this 2nd day of filming we shot 'the evil force' slamming into a tree and knocking it down almost crushing poor Derick(Anthony Myers) Everyone did all there own stunts here folks! haha Even Anthony peeing his pants, but more on that later.

The shoot would go into several weeks in production. With a week or two that went by with nothing done because school started back in session. And all of us were in school at that time. :) So here are are few "flashback" photos from our 1st and 2nd day of shooting Return to the Woods. As more dates come along we filmed on I'll post a mini-retrospective of that day plus
photos ect. So stay tuned for an 'axe'clusive look back at the making of Return to the Woods and what's to follow.

(Shots from Aug 7th and Aug 8th 2002 shooting)
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Evil has Returned(to the Woods)


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The hype is finally over and the cat is out of the bag. Return to the Woods 5th Anniversary teaser is now up on the net.

You can find the video above or go

This special teaser trailer marks the 5th Anniversary of Evil Dead:Return to the Woods a non-profit fan/tribute film. Production started on August 7th of 2002.
Could there be more out there in the woods?
Keep your Axe sharp and stay tuned!

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Another bit of Evil...


Cutting in on the action.

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Something Evil


Something evil is returning.

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