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February 1st at 10PM CST


That's the date and time for the next LIVE new program of "The Definitive Cinematic Retrospective!" We'll be talking about classic films and I have a surprise announcement to make! Plus we'll have highlights on "A Trip to the Moon" from 1902!

A few random bits...


Just an update. The radio program is going very good. We'll be having another show Thursday the 18th at 10:30PM CST. http://blogtalkradio/DCR for more info.

I've got about 3 films I'm finishing up on editing and they'll be coming out in the next few months online. :) Also I think the main site needs an update and I'll be doing that soon too.

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My Talk-Radio show


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I've got my own talk-radio show that I'm going to be starting and you can be apart of it! It's called "The Definitive Cinematic Retrospective" and I'll be covering everything about movies, radio, television, classic hollywood, ads, vintage stuff ect. from the silent era all the way to anything pre-1970.

I'm going to be doing a test show tomorrow and you're welcomed to join me as I figure out all the bells and whistles.(I'm sure that won't take too long then we'll be able to talk film!)They have given me a call-in number for anyone to call in! So you can be LIVE on the internet-airwaves right along with me.
Just click the link below to go to the homepage and listen to the show.
It's going to be today Jan 3rd at 10PM CST.
Call in number are there on the page. Hope you enjoy the show!

I Have a Talk Show

Happy New Years!


Happy New Years everyone. Stay tuned for movie updates. We got alot to offer in 2007!
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