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More Interviews


More interviews are going on this week. Last weekend I got a chance to meet up with Rick Stafford again. He's playing Victor Scott in the film. Here are a few pics after the interview was over. You know how I take serious, one crazy. It's just a rule. :)

Andy Venneman and Brooke Willhite will be doing there interviews this week. Stay tuned!

NIGHTBEAT Interviews start


Hello everyone once again,

I've just started doing interviews of cast and crew for the NIGHTBEAT Chapter 1 DVD. Friday I interviewed Toria Best, our photographer who re-created pin up photos for the film. Also she brought along one of her models that was in the pin ups, Shania. This is the first time I had met Shania and it was all my pleasure. If you think she's the typical "model type" your wrong. So nice and fun to be around. :) I have posted a few pics below of the interview from today. One serious, One "crazy." I'll be doing interviews with the cast as well this weekend and coming week. All this extra features will be on the NIGHTBEAT Chapter 1: The Killer Wore A Badge DVD out in February. Look for it!To see more pics of the lovely Shania go here.
To see the photography of Toria Best click here.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! I know this is really late, but been alittle busy. The premiere for NIGHTBEAT Chapter 1:The Killer Wore A Badge went GREAT! We had about 70 people show up for the showing. It could seat 89, so we were almost had a full crowd. The local newspaper also did a write up about us. About 1/3 the audience was the public! We also showed Curse of the Invisible Man and Voice of the Dead. Here are just a couple pics. Just the site for more pics.

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